Hello everyone,

It’s been very busy over here lately, but most of it isn’t very exciting to talk about at the moment. Philip and I and just huddled up at our desks humming along and making mistakes, as usual. Although we may be working on a few too many things. We have been pretty antisocial…

Anyhow, I have some exciting news to share! The Kohl’s Cares program sells books and toys in order to raise money to support the health and education of children nationwide. This is nice enough to tell you about, since they have raised over 257 million dollars for these programs, distributing the proceeds to children’s hospitals, museums, hunger task forces, just to name a few. This year they have decided to sell some of our books for the program, and have made friendly stuffed animals to sell with the books.

For a limited time, for 5 dollars (!) you can purchase a copy of A Sick Day for Amos McGee, and then it’s spring, Bear Has a Story to Tell, or if you want to see a whale from Kohl’s online or in stores. For another 5 dollars, you can buy a little friend with your book (an elephant, a turtle, a bear, or a whale).

IMG_3512You can find out more information about the program here. You can buy the books and toys online here.

It’s for a good cause! I mean, I’ll always tell you that buying books is its own good cause, but this is a twofer!

Hope you’re all well out there. Back to work!