Hello again,

Erin doesn’t know I’m writing today and I really hope in doing so that I’m not spoiling your reading of If You Want to See a Whale. See, I am about to post the artwork from a page in the book where the elusive whale is finally revealed. And, well, I am of the belief that this page should be a complete surprise the first time you read the book. So, if you haven’t read it yet, perhaps look away.

I mean it.

Did you look away yet? Well let me suggest that you come back after because you may love the whale so much that you’d like to have a print from the book in your home. And that’s why I’m here! I just wanted to let you know we have added a print from Whale to the print sale site.

Here it is:

If you want to see a whale

If you’d like more information about this print or any other prints from Philip and Erin’s books, just click here.