Hello out there,

It’s your loyal blog thief, Nicole, back again to post an exciting update. I just wanted to let you know we have added a print from Bear Has a Story to Tell over on the print sale site. But, what’s even better is that for those of you (read: me) who have long been held hostage by indecision about which Stead’s art to hang on your walls because you love it all (Sorry, Erin, I know you don’t like this gushing.), we’ve also created a Bear and Bird bundle. This handy bundle includes the two prints below, one from Bear Has a Story to Tell and one from A Home for Bird. I like to refer to the set as the “Contemplative Animals”. I also like that these are two smaller prints and are here just in time for holiday gift giving!

There’s more information about the prints over on the print site which you can find here. But, before you go, please promise not to tell Erin about the gushing. Cheers!