matthaei botanical gardensHello, again.

I think I can finally say with confidence that it is spring in Ann Arbor. I do resent that I had to wait until the middle of May to type that, but at least it’s finally here. To celebrate, Phil and I recently went to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

I have been chained to my desk this month and the gardens was my release for an hour or so. I have been traveling, falling quite ill, and traveling some more. I am behind. So I’m working very hard on a book right now that is due very soon. Very soon.

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to catch up on all that traveling some other time. All I can say is that everyone should win an award from librarians. It means you get to meet the nicest people and they don’t even mind if you’re shy.

Tomorrow, though, Phil and I will be at The Next Chapter Bookstore & Bistro in Northville, Michigan at 2pm for a signing and maybe a little question and answer session. Come by if you can! It will be a rainy afternoon! What better place could you possibly be in besides a bookstore?

After the signing, I will be going back to work. For now, though, let’s look at some more spring from the Botanical Gardens.


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